Font serve
FontServe is a CDN (Content Distribution Network)
for open source fonts.

To include a font:

    {{link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href=''}}

Then just set your CSS attribute:

font-family: opensans;

For example, if defining the CSS for an H1 tag:

        font-family:opensans;  /* The directory name of the served font */

        font-weight:900;       /* Extra-bold  */
        font-weight:bold;      /* Bold        */
        font-weight:600;       /* Semi-bold   */
        font-weight:normal;    /* Regular     */
        font-weight:300;       /* Light       */
        font-weight:100;       /* Extra-light */


  • Remove binary font files from web application source
  • Decrease codebase size
  • Prevent file redundancy on your web server
  • Serve to an unlimited number of related domains by adding a FontServe DNS entry


  • FontServe is only $10 per year

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